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Yoga Mat and Straps

Private Sessions

Dedicated one on one Practice

We provide a variety of personalized services to keep the body and mind healthy.
The following services are by appointment only.

Consultations are beneficial in setting goals for a personal development program, creating a weight loss program, or developing a meditation practice.

30-minute consultation: $45

Personal and Semi-private Yoga Lessons
Personal lessons allow for one-on-one contact with an experienced teacher to focus on your specific needs. Generally, most students use a personal lesson to assess individual alignment and pose modification needs, to create a custom yoga routine for a home practice, and/or to create and set goals for their practice.

Students who are new to yoga, can use a personal lesson to prepare for coming into a regular class so they feel more confident in their abilities, and help to relieve any jitters. We can quiet down that inner mean voice, keeping you from reaching your goals, together.

Each lesson includes a 60 minute yoga class and a follow-up consultation.

Anyone can set up a personal lesson regardless of physical limitations, abilities.

Single personal 60-minute lesson: $80

Single personal 30-minute lesson: $50

Personal lessons are held at the studio or in your home.

Semi-private lessons are also available for two to three people.

The rates for a semi- private vary, so please call us to discuss the details of what you need.

Scheduling a Personal Lesson
Please contact the studio at, or call 804-437-0608 to make an appointment.

Life should be lived with joy, gratitude, and a dedication to being present in the moment. These feelings inform and guide our teachings, which are focused on helping our family better connect to themselves, their communities, and to the rest of the world.

Private Sessions: About Us
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